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Tags: anniversary answer aphorism beautiful better birthday born dad danger facebook faith fine flower food good grammar hashtag hello holiday i-dont imagine its-me i-will keep-calm kitchen lady latin laugh life like love monday mother much music naughty paris perfect reason religion remember serious sign sorry star stop strong symbol tell-me thanksgiving the50states to-be truth valentine wednesday xmas yourself
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Hurt me with the truth design
tag: truth
Hurt me with the truth embroidery design

Possible Customizations

Hurt me with the truth custom embroidery design     Hurt me with the truth custom embroidery design

Design Info

Size: 5.01"(w) x 1.43"(h) / (127.2 x 36.2mm)
Stitches: 6349
Color Chart and Customizations

Cotton Words: [Hurt me with the truth] [Always] [About yourself] [The earth] [You dont need] [Maybe I like you] [Do you remember me?] [Act like a lady] [#sweetembroidery] [You are what] [Im sorry if] [I can do better] [I like when] [I am much more] [You were born] [Si la vida] [I dont care] [Be who you want] [I want to be on the naughty list] [Im not a Monday Person] [Nobody is Perfect I am Nobody] [Applique WTF wheres the food] [Its not easy be a Star] [Star] [#newyork] [Music is what feelings sound like] [Love] [live laugh love] [Love -japanese symbol] [#love] [#music] [#rock] [I love] [#happy] [Stop] [Flower world] [Why so serious] [#sweet] [Make me laugh] [#youareannoying] [Im fine thank] [#musicmania] [Tell me...] [Stop saying i wish] [if you dont want] [imagine] [Life always offers you a second chance] [Its all good] [Keep calm and live in california] [Philosophus non facit] [Let your faith be bigger] [Audentis fortuna] [Merry Christmas] [Carpe Diem] [I have the best mom in the world] [I am correcting your grammar] [Its not easy begin a Star] [Love] [Keep calm and live in London] [I will] [Keep calm and love dogs] [Happy New Year] [Its me] [Merry Christmas] [Happy Thanksgiving Day] [Trere is always something to be thankful for] [Happy Valentines Day] [Faith Hope Love] [Hello papagena] [Keep calm and eat a banana] [Keep calm and eat chocolate] [Keep calm its me] [Paris] [Keep calm and live in new york] [Keep calm and love cooking] [High voltage] [Its me] [Different is beautiful] [Keep calm and be a hero] [My dad heroe] [Veritas nunquam perit] [King of the kitchen] [Queen of the kitchen] [Yep my birthday is coming] [Im famous on facebook] [I love mummy and daddy] [Be yourself (by O. Wilde)] [Keep calm love yourself] [Yep stay strong] [Mother - Lovely Intelligent Happy] [Im not 50 Im 18 with 32 years of experience] [Yep wednesday is coming]

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